Guess how many people have signed up to go to Mars and never come back.

Thanks to Chris Hadfeild's space station music video of 'Space Oddity' people care about space again. Matter of fact a lot of people are whiling to die in space. More than 78,000 people have applied to be the first humans on Mars. Only catch, it's a one way trip.

Mars One is a Dutch company that is looking to send people to Mars by April 2023. They are looking to fund the project by broadcasting the adventure on TV. The mission will look to send another four people every two years. Mars One CEO Bas Landsdrop described the gig as 'one of the most desirable jobs in history.' It may be a hell of an opportunity, Bas but most workplaces have a breathable atmosphere.

Applications for the job cost from $5-$75 depending on the country your in. They hope to half a million applicants.