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UAVs come in all shapes and sizes.  The big ones used overseas in the war zones carry not only surveillance but are heavily armed.  Smaller UAVs, especially those of the future, will be able to hover pretty much unseen, in your back yard as you cook those burgers on the grill, watching your every move.

Monday night, the Maine Senate passed a proposal that would require cops to obtain a search warrant in order to use an unmanned aerial vehicle, or more commonly known as a drone.

Except in an emergency, law enforcement would have to get a court order or consent from the person that they have an interest in, before they could use a UAV to collect information on that person.

Senator John Patrick of Rumford said this, "I would say the vast majority of our law-enforcement agents are great, but there are a few that cross a line. We’ve got to make sure that we protect the average citizen’s rights.”

Earlier this year, the Maine Department of Transportation purchased a toy drone, which drew the attention of Maine citizens and lawmakers.

The bill now moves along to for further votes in both the Senate and the Democratic led Houise before being passed on to Governor Lepage.