Huge honors have been given to a made-in-Maine film!

In September, I wrote of a film based in Van Buren titled ‘Beneath The Harvest Sky.’ The film is the latest from directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly. Gaudet and Pullapilly are the minds behind the praised documentary ‘The Way We Get By.’

‘Beneath The Harvest Sky’ was a part of the Toronto Film Festival, where it received positive reviews from top critics. Better yet, the movie caught the eye of Tribeca Films which plans to distribute it nationally in 2014!

The film follows two friends, one whom is trying to save money for a car and move out of town. The other, looks to follow in his father and uncles footsteps in the illegal drug trade along the border. The film is said to be fiction but is biased on the harsh reality of prescription drug abuse.

‘Beneath The Harvest Sky’ stars Aiden Gillian of 'Game of Thrones,' Callen McAuliffe from 'The Great Gatsby' and Emory Cohen from the TV show 'Smash.'