Movie actress, producer and director Katie Aselton, 34, who was born and raised in Milbridge, has a brand new movie in theatres.

The new thriller is called "Black Rock", and Katie came up with the concept for the movie during a visit to her parent's home in Milbridge.  She and her husband, Mark Duplass grabbed a bottle of wine and went for a walk in the woods and came up with an idea.

The movie starts out as three childhood friends make their way to a deserted island.  Aselton plays one of the friends, the others played by Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth.  The trio come across three men hunting on the island and that's where the thrills begin in this movie, as the girls become the hunted.

"I wanted really cool, confident, strong girls making a fight-for-survival action thriller and exploring the idea of the inner strength of women,” says Aselton.

One of the more challenging scenes was were Aselton pilots a lobster boat. “It wasn’t like we had days for me to train how to captain a lobster boat. Even now when I watch the movie I literally still get to that point and feel like dying a little bit" she said.

Black Rock is rated R.