This is kind of interesting though, a company that makes a hangover pill called ’Blowfish’ surveyed 5,249 drinkers in all 50 states to find out what our favorite beer actually is today. I was totally surprised that neither Budweiser or Coors claimed the top spot.

Not much of a beer drinker myself I haven’t even heard of the number 1 choice called Blue Moon which is for the record made by MillerCoors.  Coming in at second Samuel Adams and Bud Light pulled up third.

There also seems to be some kind of political leanings with certain beers. The Dems like Blue Moon, republicans chose to swill Bud Light and Libertarians like Sam Adams, no surprise there.

And here’s where we top the heap.  Survey showed that in the race for which state drinks the most Maine came out on top (Hic) followed by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington, D.C.