Census figures put Maine in the top end of states with high divorce rates.

Maine is ranked with the second highest divorce rates in the country at 13.7%. Nevada ranks first at 14%. Nevada is a given, with it's drive through weddings that probably don't work out long after the booze wears off. Case and point: Britney Spears' 24 hour marriage there.

A number of factors could be the cause for Maine's divorce rate. Most divorces stem from factors like the economy, education levels, social values and social media. These risk factors are all rather high in Maine.

Maine stands far apart from other New England states, that average a divorce rate of 9.4%. New Jersey has the nation's lowest divorce rate at 8.6%.

Most Divorced States:

  1. Nevada 14%
  2. Maine 13.7%
  3. Arkansas 13.4%
  4. New Mexico 13.4%
  5. Oklahoma 13.2%

Least Divorced States:

  1. New Jersey 8.6%
  2. New York 8.7%
  3. Utah 9.4%
  4. Pennsylvania 9.4%
  5. Hawaii 9.4%