Police responding to a call of a family fight found a woman who had allegedly been threatened by her partner. He had also allegedly attacked the family dog.

Bangor Police Officer Nick Huggins went to the Hancock Street home on Wednesday morning and learned that, earlier, the victim and her male partner had a verbal and somewhat physical exchange. At some point, the woman went into the couple's bedroom and pushed a large bureau in front of the door, blocking the man from entering the room. After she believed he had left the apartment, she talked with someone else at the home about what had happened.

Sometime later, the suspect returned to the apartment and the fight began all over again and, at some point, the suspect allegedly made motions like he was going to hit the woman.

When the victim's dogs began to bark, 31-year-old Antonio Gordon allegedly picked the dog up and began to choke it. Police say when the dog began to yelp, Gordon punched it in the face and threw it over the balcony railing. Luckily some dense bushes broke the dog's fall. He then allegedly grabbed the woman's phone, as she was trying to call for help, and threw it over the railing, as well.

As a result of the investigation, Gordon has been charged with Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening, Obstructing Reporting of a Crime, and Cruelty to Animals.