As police talked with Bruce Heal, also known as Bruce King, during a standoff on the Interstate on Monday, he made a startling admission. Heal told police that he had killed Lawrence Lewis and had hidden the body in Lewis's Molunkus home.

State police have outlined the connections between the three people involved, but there's still no word on what happened and why Lewis was killed. Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says Lewis and Heal had shared the home in Molunkus for several years.

Lawrence Lewis was a lifetime registered sex offender. He was convicted in 1996 of sexually abusing a 9-year-old boy who lived in the same house as Lewis.

Heal married Lynda Fogg on March 1st. She was the woman driving the U-Haul truck on Monday. Fogg, who is also known as Lynda Gordon, told police that she had been living in the home since fall.

McCausland says that the couple had moved out recently and were staying in hotels and with relatives. Lewis's relatives called police on Monday and reported him missing, saying that a couple in a U-Haul truck might have something to do with it.

That call led police to pull the truck over Monday afternoon just south of the Lincoln exit on I-95. After a four-hour standoff, Heal shot himself. Police have ruled Lewis's death as a homicide but say that more tests are needed to determine what killed him. So far, Fogg has not been charged.