Tomorrow night, spiritual medium Maureen Hancock will appear live at the Cross Insurance Center's Ballroom for a special intimate show, hopefully you'll be there!

For the past month or so we've been listening to Maureen "break on through to the other side" and carry messages from those long deceased to their living loved ones.  Maureen has been quite amazing on these calls, bringing up facts and figures that only select few would know about.  Take a few minutes and listen to some of the segments!

I think through out our lives we've all come across some "unexplained occurrences".  Two immediately comes to my mind.

While living in the beautiful coastal town of Sullivan I once stared into an abandoned outbuilding that was once part of a beautiful grand hotel across from the scenic turnout on Route 1. Years ago the area was home to hundreds of people who worked in the quarry industry and was also one of the state's premiere tourist destinations.  I remember looking through a broken window of that garage that day and watching wooden poles that were stored horizontally on a shelf moving up and down on their own. Probably just a squirrel......right?  Or, was someone trying to scare me away?  Or just saying hello?

Then there was the historic building that once housed this radio station and sits up on the hill on State Street in Ellsworth.  In the very early 1900s it was home to a prominent Ellsworth doctor, and the doctor did not approve of the man that his maid was seeing.  One night the doctor stood at the top of the staircase in the entry way and shot to death the maid's boyfriend.  I came around the corner one day many years later and swear that I momentarily saw the boyfriend out of the corner of my eye sitting on the bench in the entry way.  Just my imagination......right?

Maureen Hancock also makes you think twice!  Like I said, some of the stuff that she's literally pulled out of the air and told people that she has just met on the phone about deceased loved ones has been eye opening!  We hope to see you there this Friday night!

I have a few more stories to tell someday.  How about you?

Shannon Keegan - ThinkStock