If you would be appalled at your friend or neighbor going through your mail or your house you might want to think twice about loaning them your car too.

In a survey conducted by Carinsurance.com, more than half of drivers who borrow vehicles admitted to snooping in the cabin and trunk. Of the 1,500 licensed drivers who participated in the survey, 63-percent had opened the loaned car’s glove-box, trunk, or the center-console storage compartment.

The survey showed to my surprise apparently, men are much nosier than women when driving a borrowed vehicle. The survey found that men opened the trunk, glove-box or console 76-percent of the time, versus just 44-percent of women.

What they’re finding is a lot more exciting (and potentially illegal) than empty Starbucks cups and moldy French fries.

Here’s what they found:

Cell phone, 27-percent

Surprising photographs, 26-percent

Liquor, 23-percent

Expired registration, 23-percent

Expired insurance, 19-percent

Medicine, 18-percent

Illegal substances, 17-percent

Gun, 15-percent

I am gonna take a wild guess that the cell phone was probably the source of the questionable photos

Upshot of this to me would be – other than not having liquor or guns in your car(!) – be careful when loaning your vehicle, and to only borrow a car or truck from someone you really trust. Also if you do decide to loan out the car going through it first might just be the best idea.

Another interesting side-note is that cars borrowed from friends and love interests are much more likely to be snooped upon. While relatives were more likely to loan someone a vehicle, the odds of someone rummaging through a car spike upward when it’s a vehicle loaned from a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or co-worker. *

Relatives: 52-percent of vehicle loans; snooped through 56-percent of the time

Friends, 26-percent of vehicle loans, snooped through 67-percent of the time

Dating, 9-percent of vehicle loans, snooped through 77-percent of the time

Co-workers, 8-percent of vehicle loans, snooped through 79-percent of the time

Neighbors, 5-percent of vehicle loans, snooped through 72-percent of the time