My hometown celebrated its 200th birthday this summer!

I love my hometown of good ol' Phippsburg! I've been taking time off this month from DJing all over the state to spend some quality time home. No place like home in the summer time! That is if you can handle the massive amount of tourists that flock from away to our many beaches.

Popham Beach is our most noted beach and has served as the backdrop to some major films over the years. My most popular tour I give friends from away is the 'Message in a Bottle Tour.' It's super cool seeing the flick on the big screen and knowing every location.

The 1999 film 'Message in a Bottle' was shot on Popham Beach. It stared Kevin Costner, Robin Wright and Paul Newman. The beach and scattered islands are the backdrop to most of the scenes meant to portray the Outer Banks. The scene where Kevin Costner's character is being picked up to go to the airport was filmed in the parking lot of Spinny's Restaurant, right next to Fort Popham. Scenes of Costner building his boat where filmed one town over in Bath at the Maine Maritime Museum. The film brought in $189 million at the box office.

Another flick filmed in Phippsburg was 'Head Above Water.' The 1996 film starred Cameron Diaz, Craig Sheffer, Harvey Keitel and Billy Zane. The crew built the summer cottage used in the movie. It was constructed on an island near Lincoln Beach. The film took in $32 million at the box office.

An honorable mention goes to the 1993 film 'Man Without a Face.' It starred Mel Gibson and was partially shot one town over in Bath. Other scenes where shot in Rockport, Cape Rosier, Brunswick, Portland, and Rockland.