Yesterday we told you of the arrest of the North Pond hermit, Christopher Knight.  Today, Susan Patten from our news department has a few more details for you.

After spending 27 years in seclusion in the woods around North Pond, burglarizing properties over 1000 times, and then sincerely apologizing to Harvey Chesley, the facilites manager of the Pine Tree Camp for his crimes, what do you think his punishment should be?

One I-95 listeners suggested this:  That there is certainly an interestinig story to be told here.  Christopher Knight, if he can find the courage and strength to deal with society, can sell his story to a publisher or movie studio.  He can then donate at least half of that money to the Pine Tree Camp, a summer therapy outlet for children with disabilities.

The story is quite amazing.  A person disappears from society back in 1986, survives Maine's winters in the woods without fire, and only speaks one word to a human being in 27 years.  He steals only what he needs to survive, leaving behind cell phones and wallets, trying his best not to break anything of his victims in the process. He doesn't venture from his encampment during the winter fearing that someone would see his footsteps, and when he is caught everything that he is wearing, except his glasses, have been stolen.

And, for years there was the legend of "a hermit in the woods".

It has the makings of a good book and movie.

What do you think the North Pond Hermit's punishment should be?  Let us know in the "COMMENTS" section below.