This is one of the most amazing thing I think I have ever heard.  Imagine that you have just been picked for a place on an Olympic team and you give it away.

Tracy Barnes (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

That's what happened when Tracy Barnes learned she had made the cut for the U.S. Olympic team, she turned and winked at her twin sister Lanny. Lanny was sick during the final qualifying races and thought her Olympic dreams were over.

Lanny Barnes (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

A little while later, Tracy told Lanny that she would give up her spot on the team so Lanny, a three-time Olympian who finished just behind her, would qualify for the team and compete in Sochi instead. In a statement released by the team, Tracy Barnes said her sister had had a stellar season before falling ill and she wanted to give her a second chance.

Wow, I can't think of anyone that likes me that much.