Well I guess there are a few people in Portland who are against pot. Who knew?

Portland will vote on Nov. 5 whether to allow recreational use of marijuana. The ordnance would allow adults to possess up to 2.5 ounces of pot within Portland. The first signs of opposition to Portland's pot vote have popped up. They read 'Future = Portland. Vote NO on Question 1. NO to POTland.'

The origin of the signs is a mystery. There is no identifying party listed on the signs that were planted in Portland's Eastern Promenade and Washington street. City Hall also has no record of an opposing initiative.

Any group that spends over $5,000 must register with the Ballot Question committee and file campaign reports. Additionally, any literature that costs $500 or more must have the name and address of the person or group who paid for it.

It's unclear if the collection of signs cost more than $500.