Oh PETA...

The fine folks from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals an I have had some interesting encounters in the past. Lets just say we don't get along when it comes to my seafood diet. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, I'm just not a psychopath. SOME PETA members can go a lil crazy with their demonstrations of animal love.

One PETA member in Hall County, Georgia has an interesting idea for remembering some chickens that died in a truck accident last month. This week Sarah Segal of Atlanta filed an application for a memorial with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Segal wants a 10 foot tombstone erected along U.S. 129, where a truck overturned while hauling live chickens. Several chickens where killed in the crash. Not like PETA cares, but the driver of the truck and the other vehicle involved were not seriously hurt.

A photo of the purposed memorial reads: 'In memory of the terrified chickens who died as a result of a truck crash. January 27th, 2014.'

No word on if or when the application will be approved, but I'm rooting for Sarah! A tombstone memorial is a better way of remembering lost animals than, yah know...spraying blood on people.