The jackpot for Wednesday night's Powerball drawing is expected to reach as high as $500 million dollars!  Man, that would buy a lot of Christmas presents.  Now if you took your winnings in one lump sum it would average out to about $327 million after taxes, still that would mean a lot of Christmas presents for someone.

One can only dream.

Powerball tickets now cost $2 each. What would you do with the money?  It creates a variety of different questions.  Would you help out family and friends?  Would you try to remain an anonymous winner?  Would you donate to various charitable organizations and causes? Would you quit your job?

Most people would instantly depart on an extended vacation.  Where would you go?

Anyway, when you go to the Mini Mart today and tomorrow for that gallon of milk and tank full of gas, expect to wait in line for awhile.  The guy in front of you buying hordes of Powerball tickets may be the next multi-millionaire.  You can watch the Powerball numbers being drawn at 10:59 p.m. on WABI TV Channel 5 this Wednesday.

You still have time to get a ticket, so we want to know: