On Thursday November 8th, there was a deadly car accident on Route 1A in Prospect. While emergency responders were cutting the survivors out of one of the vehicles, a much beloved black Labrador retriever named Molly jumped from the back seat and bolted into the woods.  Luckily, Molly's owners, Susan and Powell Johnson of Frankfort survived the crash that claimed the life of the driver of the other vehicle, although they are both in bad shape and face a long road to recovery.

While waiting for first responders, Susan said she reached her hand to the back seat area and Molly licked it.  "She didn't feel like she was hurt", Johnson said.

Molly was missing for a week.  Many people looked for her including the Johnson's  twenty year old daughter, Elizabeth, a college student.  It was a very happy reunion between the two when Elizabeth finally caught up with Molly.  Molly had limped out of the woods when Elizabeth tracked her down, her tail wagging like crazy.  Then Elizabeth noticed that Molly was limping badly.

Awhile later a Veterinarian confirmed that Molly's radius and ulna were broken, a broken leg.  Molly had also hurt the leg further by walking on it for the week that she was missing, creating floating bone fragments. At the moment Molly is walking with a splint and everyone is hoping that the leg will heal on it's own.  In six weeks Molly's leg will be X-ray-ed again, and if further work is needed, including amputating the leg, then it will be done.

It seemed like the entire community was looking for Molly during that week she went missing.  Now, while the Johnson family is unable to work and deals with medical expenses of their own, they along with Elizabeth are asking for help with Molly's medical expenses.

To donate to Molly's expenses visit http://mollyslegsurgery.chipin.com/mollys-leg-surgery