For years my family has gotten together and made Jack-O-Lanterns.  It's fun and when they are all lit on the lawn on Halloween it really sets the stage. So if you are ready to start a family tradition I have put together a list of everything from picking the perfect pumpkin to several great online resources for ideas, stencils and stuff.

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    Finding the perfect pumpkin

    Find a farm

    Before anyone can begin to fashion an extraordinary Halloween Jack - O - Lantern you've got to find the perfect pumpkin.  I always find mine a Treworgy's Farm

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    O.K. We have our pumpkin and you have lots of options what to do next.

    The pumpkin Masters site offers a ton of free patterns and a carving contest plus video help.

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    If Clever is more your style

    Better homes and gardens has a nice selection of simple to really clever designs sure to set your pumpkin apart.

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    No mess for me thanks...

    Want to avoid the mess?  At ABCYA you can let your kids carve virtual Pumpkins all day long.

    Photo I carved it:)