I think one of the most interesting things about this study is that most of these participants say they lie so their new partner will like them more.  That seems a little counter intuitive to me.  Also, I was a little shocked to see that even though they admit to padding the truth, when they catch their new partner in a lie a good percentage gets angry.  go figure.

And here is what the study shows:

The survey polled 1,362 women aged 18 to 30 and asked what lies they are most prone to telling when in a relationship. Most of the lies were told to protect the new partner's ego or feelings.

Indeed, the old adage says that women divide their partner total by three when divulging the details to a new paramour, while men multiply their tally by three.

Men may be known for exaggerating the number of sexual partners they've had, but it seems women also lie about their 'magic number' to their partners

More than half of the women surveyed confessed they had lied about their former conquests.

Hypocritically, 55 per cent of women said they would be upset if they were lied to by their partner, while 21 per cent said they would be angry.

An unforgiving 13 per cent said that finding out their partner had lied to them would cause them to ‘stop trusting’ their partner.

Top lies women tell their partners

1.    How many previous partners – 52%

2.    Reason I split with an ex – 38%

3.    How much clothes cost – 33%

4.    My job – 28%

5.    Financial situation – 25%

6.    Age – 18%

7.    Cheating – 16%

8.    Weight – 12%

9.    Size of breasts – 9%

10.    Natural hair colour – 5%