The 4th Annual Redneck (Blank) begins today in Oxford County and it sounds like it's going to be another wild ride!

Harold Brooks who put together this year's event says that he expects thousands to attend the event that runs until Sunday. The Redneck (Blank) is held on a 210 acre farm in Hebron, where there's free camping for those that attend with "weekend tickets".  The Redneck (Blank) has recently been voted "The Funnest Festival In New England'>

Talk about a great time!  Tonight's live music will include Dirty Mccurdy , 43 North , the Adam Ezna Band!  Friday night's bands will be American Ride Maine , Skosh , and Sharon Buck On.  Saturday night includes Kelly Band , Stolen Mojo Maine , and Back In Black, the AC/DC tribute band.

Saturday looks to be especially fun as you can run your truck in the free Mud Run.  Also that afternoon are the Redneck Games featuring Bobbing For Pigs Feet , Toilet Seat Horse Shoes , the Greased Watermelon Haul , The Tire Beer Trot , A Pie Eating Contest , The Wife Haul and the Mud A Tug A War! Plus, for the first time ever, COLE SLAW WRESTLING! Saturday night also features the annual pig roast and a wet t-shirt contest!

Why is there a (Blank) in the events title?  Event organizers originally called it the "Redneck Olympics" and the U.S. Olympic Committee had a problem with that and threatened to sue.  So, you can fill in the (blank).

How do you get there? It's one mile from the intersection of Routes 124 and 119 in Minot,  heading towards Buckfield . If you have GPS, type in 2 Harold Lane, Hebron, Maine. After this weekend's festivities, good luck trying to find your way back!