I think everyone who is married wants a great marriage both men and women. Well men, you’ve heard it said happy wife happy life? Turns out to be true.  So how do you help make your wife happy?  The simple answer is help…around the house.

A recent study of 220 newly married couples done by University of Illinois researchers found that equal distribution of domestic chores is crucial to marital satisfaction for women. It then added that couples that share household tasks more equally remain more happily married over the long run. The truth is not the same for men.  There is no martial satisfaction made or not made by making the bed. Your satisfaction comes from having a happy wife.

The chances for bliss are highest when husband and wife both believe in sharing chores equally. This particularly comes heavily into play once there are children.

Brian Ogolsky, a professor of human development and family studies at the university, said “The way couples negotiated the division of household chores in the first two years of marriage was important because, once patterns were established, they persisted over time and could lead to increased conflict and decreased happiness in the marriage for years to come.” And, ‘The most satisfied couples have similar expectations and follow through on them,’ he said. In his final analysis Ogolsky finished, “The important thing is to enter a marriage with a clear understanding of where your partner stands on these issues. Such an understanding helps couples avoid becoming disillusioned as the marriage goes on.”