Facebook’s Digital Dead To Takeover
The internet is a great thing most of the time and a digital wasteland the rest of the time.
So many times I have researched a subject only to find a story from 1999. Well, it turned out that Facebook is not only the same but many colleges agree that there will come a time that dead people will out n…
Facebook Reveals By Each State What We Are Most Thankful For
This is kind of interesting. As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday you might ask yourself what am I most thankful for? The Facebook Data Science team has put out a chart showing what people are thankful for in the United States. Not surprisingly, people were most thankful for family and friends..…
Bring Back Millinocket’s Fire Horn!
Growing up in Millinocket, the sound of the town's fire horn was always there at 8:00 a.m. sharp...unless the time change hit and no changed the fire horn time to match, then at 9:00 p.m., when the curfew hit, and our parents told us to be home when we heard the horn.

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