The I-95 Comedy Break

Here’s the I-95 Comedy Break for Wednesday
Conan O'Brien on the fifth Die-Hard film, Jay Leno on lawsuits against the Carnival Cruise line, David Letterman on the Academy Awards and Jimmy Fallon on Clive Davis revealing that he's bi-sexual.  We've got the goods for you today!
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Here’s the I-95 Comedy Break for Tuesday
Well it's Tuesday.  It kind of feels like a Monday.  And I need a laugh.  Today we have Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno.  Have a chuckle, and dream that it's Saturday.
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Here’s The I-95 Comedy Break for Monday
Did you have a hard weekend?  Is your back hurting after shoveling all that snow?  Did Mother Nature banish you to the ol' homestead for the better part of the weekend?  And, now it's back to WORK!  Need a laugh?  Here you go.
Today, we have Jimmy Fallon on a drunk man driving a motorized shopping ca…

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