10 Dangerous Critters in Maine
Luckily Mainers don't have to worry too much about things like poisonous snakes or spiders, but the Maine outdoors are not 100 percent safe! Here are 10 critters that could be dangerous.
Judge Saves Lily The Deer
I was so thrilled to see this today. A family in Michigan had found a dying deer who was giving birth.  They called the warden and when the fawn was born they asked to keep it and he agreed thinking that is wouldn’t survive.  Well, survive Lily did and became a member of th…
Webcam: Nesting Eagles & Their Chicks [VIDEO]
See two nesting American Bald Eagles and their two baby eaglets via this webcam that was set up by the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center somewhere deep in a California forest!  The two chicks hatched just two days ago.
If the picture is dark, it's because they shut off the lights at night, so r…