Christopher Furlong -- Getty Images

The zombie experts suggest you have these things on hand in case of zombies!

I love the AMC show Talking Dead. Talking Dead goes behind the scenes of The Walking Dead. For zombie nerds it's must watch television! Last night they introduced a new feature on the program, giving viewers zombie survival tips!

When the zombies come, have these items handy!

  • Maxi Pads - According to zombie preppers, these are perfect for dressing wounds. They are absorbent to minimize blood loss. With zombies staggering around, I'm pretty sure life saving blood donations wouldn't be coming in. Guys, I know you might feel like your loosing a man card buying these on your own but it could save your behind! Hey, you could be a knight in shining armor for damsel in distress!
  • Dental floss - Two great uses for this item. It can be used to stitch up some bad cuts. Also you can braid a few pieces together to make durable fishing line for food! Oh yeah, and damsels in distress like nice teeth!
  • Condoms - It might taste a little latexey but they can hold up to 2 gallons of drinking water! You can only go 3 days without water. And if that damsel wants to thank you for saving her life...giggity!

I highly recommend buying these items all at once just to see the reaction from the cashier.