A teacher who worked at the Belfast Area High School teaching students in the Jobs for Maine's Graduates program has been busted for allegedly smoking weed with her students.

Sarah E Lawler, 32, of Belfast came under suspicion when a concerned parent called Craig Larrabee, who is the president of Jobs for Maine's Graduates.  The call came late at night, and the caller said that Lawler had been smoking pot with her students.

After the Belfast Police Department became involved and started interviewing students, it was learned that Lawler had indeed been smoking pot with her pupils. The teenagers said that the marijuana was always provided by the teacher, and in at least one instance it was smoked with students in an apartment owned by a student. One student said that the dope was smoked in Lawler's glass pipe as she was driving the student to school.

Larrabee says that the teacher has been replaced with one of his regional managers.  Sarah Lawler was released on $1,000 cash bail, and has a Waldo Superior Court date of March 28th.