The Freeport Flag Ladies haven't missed a Tuesday in 12 years.

9/11 stunned our nation, leaving us wondering 'what can we do to help'? Carmen, Elaine and JoAnn took to Main street in Freeport to wave the American flag high and proud. 12 years later, they're still flying Ol' Glory in support. The trio has never missed a Tuesday. Rain, snow or heat you'll see them with their flags.

On 9/11 the ladies walked down Main street with their flags. From that day on, they said they would do it for a year. One year turned to two, two to three and onward.

Not only to they wave the stars and stripes they also get emails to appear at schools, community events and churches. They also travel all over to greet flights returning from or heading overseas. They plan on continuing their support until every solder is home.

Happy 4th of July, ladies! We appreciate what you do!