We've all said the wrong thing at one time or another.  Some times it was said innocently, other times in the heat of verbal exchange.  But, the following are things that one should NEVER say to a woman, at least according women participating in a new British survey.  Men everywhere, take note.

The most offensive phrase to 26-percent of participants was being mistakenly asked "When is it due?"

Second place with 17-percent was "Yes, your butt looks big in that outfit."

In third place, with 13-percent was "You look tired,"

Five-percent hate to hear, "I told you so".

Three-percent are offended if he says "Should you be eating that?"

Ladies, what have we missed here?  Tell me what you hate to hear in the "COMMENTS" section below!  Thanks, and by the way, DAMN, YOU LOOK GOOD TODAY!