No matter whom you ask or what era they were born in, asked the question…What would you like out of life? The answer is to be happy.

But if happiness is what you seek a new study shows that it won’t be found on via internet particularly on your cellphone.  To the contrary, according to researcher from Kent State University, college students who spend hours each day online, texting or talking on cellphones are actually less happy, more anxious, and get lower grades.

This may be the first time there has been a quantifiable link between cellphone use to anxiety and happiness.

Researchers Lepp, Barkley Karpinski. Polled 536 students representing 82 different majors.

The participants recorded their cellphone use each day. Then these individuals were tested to measure their anxiety and satisfaction with their life, or happiness. The upshot? Being on-line for hours seem to have a negative effect on a persons perceived happiness and makes them more prone to feeling anxious.

One more reason to monitor your teen's usage.