I know it is suppose to be the Big Day but perhaps it should be called the Big Ticket Day. We all know and accept the tradition that when a daughter is born a father dreads the day he gives her away to another many in holy matrimony. He also dreads the bill that will eventually come along with doing so. And you know what Daddy, you're not wrong.

An annual survey of 20,000 brides who married within the past year shows the average cost of a wedding is $28,427.  The survey by wedding websites theknot.com and weddingchannel.com says the amount spent in 2012 is at the highest level since 2008.

FYI: Expenses include:

  • Reception venue: $12,905
  • Engagement ring: $5,431
  • Reception band: $3,084
  • Photographer: $2,379
  • Florist/décor: $1,997
  • Videographer: $1,619
  • Wedding gown: $1,211
  • Cake: $560
  • Invitations: $334

Up shot is, 1) I think I'm in the wrong business and 2) trust me honey, find a Justice of the Peace and have Daddy buy you a car instead.