I have always thought that open bars at weddings were a bad idea and if  the newlyweds want an intimate moment on their wedding night turns out  I am right.

A new poll says that 52 percent of newlyweds skip the wedding night consummation. Why you ask? Well the groom got too drunk in many cases.

Being over tired and reception arguments rounded out the sited reasons

During the poll they asked 2,138 men and women who got married in the past three years what really went on after the wedding and before the honeymoon.

Almost one in five said they waited more than three days after their wedding ceremony to officially consummate their marriage.

Researches, Voucher Codes Pro, said the results reflect a shift in modern relationships - as many couples now live together before trying the knot meaning their first night together as a married couple has lost some significance.

They also added that it is no longer a huge factor and the stress and pressure of planning the day quashed the desire.  Also a good number of our modern couples already have children to care for.