So what is more important being the center of his universe or having a happy man?  Well then, according to a new research paper you’ll need to make some choices because what he needs is his friends.

Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University, a leading psychologist is claiming that a man’s health and well-being is markedly improved if they see their friends twice a week. And we’re talking in person with four friends and ‘doing stuff’.

Does it matter what they are doing?? Not really, recommended activities can range from playing football to simply sharing a joke in the pub over a pint of beer.

What kind of benefits are we talking about.  According to Prof. Dunbar, men who maintain close active friendships are healthier, recover from illness more quickly and tend to be more generous.

Something to keep in mind as you put this plan into action other studies have shown that laughter is not as likely in groups of over five guys and that is one of the endorphin releasing benefits of guy time.

So now the question is do you love him enough to encourage him go?