The I-95 CASH CODE CONTEST has begun!  We have TWO chances for you to WIN $1000 every weekday!  So, what would you do with the CASH?

While you're busy taking the poll and investigating how you too can win $1000 by playing the I-95 Cash Code Contest, here's what we would do with an extra ONE THOUSAND SMACK-O-LAYS.


  • 1

    Buy a new station refrigerator.

    There's not enough room in it for a PBR 2- pack, and that's real bad.

    TSM photo
  • 2

    Maybe some new studio equipment?

    As you can see, our stuff may need improvement.

    Douglas Grundy /Getty Images
  • 3

    Take the whole gang golfing!

    Like others, we spend a lot of time in the rough.

    Ian MacNicol /Getty Images
  • 4

    Spring for HBO!

    We hear there's a brand new show on there about the mob that we'd like.

    Getty Images
  • 5

    Buy a new station lawnmower.

    Our current one complains too much.