You know me, I am not a Smartphone person and although I appreciate them, I can live with or without most internet services.  So how surprised was I to see that a whole bunch of folks would rather sit next to a crying baby than lose their connection on a plane. Wow.

Honeywell Aerospace conducted a surveyand found a third of those who responded said that Wi-Fi was the number one amenity they needed, roughly 80 percent said it should "always" be available during flights.

In fact, sixty percent of passengers would rather have Wi-Fi than a reclining seat, and one in three would rather sit next to a crying baby during their flight than lose their connection. Twenty-five percent of passengers would give up six inches of legroom for premium Wi-Fi, and 13 percent of us would give up our bathroom privileges.

The research was conducted among more than 3,000 adults in the United Kingdom, United States and Singapore who have used Wi-Fi within the past 12 months.