You plot, you plan and you pay the big bucks to get outa Dodge and have a little fun when WHAM! you come down with something. Here is just why that may be. An investigative report finds that while the airport kiosk where you pick up your boarding pass is clean, the plastic bins you put your stuff in is full of dangerous bacteria. Enough to make you sick, actually. And then the germ situation isn’t any more comforting once you board the plane.

Add to that if your staying in a hotel room upon arrival to your destination, well, there are a few germs there, too.

The solution is to take hand sanitizer in and appropriate sized flying container and use it.  Pack some too for the room at the hotel. Also whenever possible wash your hands and as always never rub your eyes. Once you have done all that, lots of travelers swear by Airborne natural immune defense and I find having an over the counter sleep aid isn't a bad idea because you are more likely to get something if you are over tired.

There you go! Hopefully to someplace nice.