It’s tax time and the retailers are all putting in a bid for your refund. TVs to autos we are barraged but apparently we aren’t buying.

At least according to TD Ameritrade in response to a poll of 1,000 of their investors who say they are planning to hold on to their cash.  The reason experts postulate is because even after some economic recovery people are still feeling tentative about the future.

The actual numbers, about six out of ten respondents to the survey said they would do the following in this order: save their money, pay off debts, use the money to purchase necessities or invest the extra cash. In addition just under 20 percent are going to use their return to spend on non-essential items.

Other results showed that 62 % plan to file before the April 15 deadline. About half of respondents expect to get a refund in 2013. The average tax refund was $2,744.