A Massachusetts woman bought an iPad at a local Wal-Mart to find things aren't as they appear.

Suzanne Nassie bought the bogus iPad at Westgate Mall Wal-Mart. After paying $500 for the gizmo she took it home and opened the box. Instantly she noticed the iPad was very light. When the product didn't turn on she became suspicious.

After closer examination she noticed that the iPad was phoney. The rear speaker was non-existent. It was simply black dots painted on the device. Even the iPad's charge port was fake! Suzanne thought she might have accidentally purchased a display model.

Suzanne called up the Wal-Mart explaining her frustration. The manager refused to give her a refund, citing the return policy on electronics. Once a product is unwrapped it can't be returned or exchanged.

After local press started to inquire about the fake iPad, Wal-Mart agreed to exchange the product. They say they are still working to find out how the situation occurred.

The sale of fake iPads has been the latest counterfeit scams.