Wolfey no read good. I have the reading skills of a third grader and the attention span of a 5-year-old. That’s why I only read books if they have zombies in them! One of my favorite books is becoming a movie!

Have you heard of the book called The Zombie Survival Guide?’ Author Max Brooks went right onto the New York Times Best Seller list back in ’03 in a heartbeat with the novel detailing how to survive hoards of the undead.

I read the book cover to cover in two days! Matter of fact, it was the first book I had fully read in four years. I know, sad! Well after reading the book countless times I had to read the next book Brooks published.

World War Z was yet another book I read cover to cover, over and over. The book follows a U.N. agent as he describes the events of the world-wide zombie plague dubbed World War Z. It’s an awesome book and a must read for any zombie nut case like me!

The book was great and now it’s becoming a movie! Right now the movie is rumored to be in post production. It’s being directed by Marc Forster, the man behind the 2001 flick Monster’s Ball staring Halle Berry.

Ladies, keep your screaming to a dull roar; Brad Pitt is starring in this film! Yep! Not only is he the star but he’s also producing the film via his production company Plan B Entertainment.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!! The film is on schedule to be in theaters June 21, 2013 … that is if we don’t have our own World War Z  on our hands by then!