One of the most well attended fairs in the state has debuted this year's poster!

Fans of the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity hang the yearly poster proudly in their homes, and they should do the same with this year's edition!

The poster titled Heirloom Pigs,  features a breed of pig called kunekune.  The small breed of pigs from New Zealand are on the brink of extinction.

The drawing for the Maine Organics Farmers And Gardener's Association, the group behind the Common Ground Country Fair, was done by Arika von Edler of San Francisco, a former student of the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. The drawing was chosen from 86 entries that were  submitted.

Edler says in an article in the Bangor Daily News that "I chose heirloom pigs to highlight the importance of livestock diversity. It is just as important as seed saving and seed diversity. These particular pigs belong to a homesteader in Washington County, Maine who uses them to sustainably clear forest for more farmland. She never eats them, and I wanted to also highlight the many uses of heirloom livestock outside of meat consumption.”

This year's Common Ground Country Fair in Unity happens September 21st throughout the 23rd!  You can buy this year's poster and those from years past HERE!

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