Firefighters from Glenburn, Orono, and Veazie now have a comprehensive new facility in which to train.

Tri-Town Training Facility 1, courtesy Orono Fire Department Facebook Page

According to Orono Fire Department's Captain Kevin Sirois, the Tri-Town Training Facility was developed with help from all 3 fire departments, who will be sharing the facility. Not only will the Tri-Town Facility be used to train new recruits, but it will also be used in continuous training of Senior and Veteran Firefighters, as well.

"The building is a two-story structure with multiple uses, including a ventilation prop, hose advancement, the use of a maze for our firefighters to train in, and also a sprinkler demonstration and a standpipe demonstration so that we can utilize our equipment in different ways so that our firefighters know how to utilize and deploy our equipment rapidly."

Tri-Town Training Facility 2, courtesy Orono Fire Department Facebook Page

The facility offers firefighters an opportunity to train under multiple scenarios they might encounter when on a call, everything from confined space rescue to forcible entries to search and rescue of a downed firefighter or victim, just to name a few.

Sirois says while the facility is almost through the first phase of construction, there is still some space to expand, so they are hoping they'll be able to add another structure on-site for live-fire training in the future.

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Sirois explains that the Tri-Town Facility has truly been a group effort in the making.

"I would also like to thank everyone who has assisted with this project...Especially the Orono Public Works Department. Without them, we would have never been able to do this."

Tri-Town Training Facility 3, courtesy Orono Fire Department Facebook Page

He hopes to have an official Ribbon Cutting for the new Facility in the Spring of 2022.

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