So the question is, who put the big yellow duck in Belfast Harbor?

Why? 'Cause, we'd like to thank them. That's all.

Since this past Saturday morning, a giant 25-foot tall rubber ducky has been moored in Belfast Harbor. The ducky is big enough to fit into the Jolly Green Giant's bathtub, and now one seems to mind.

The word JOY is printed on the ducky's chest. It's what we need in this day and age when things like Afghanistan are blowing up in the world, and the nasty COVID-19 pandemic continues on, and on.

According to a story in this morning's Bangor Daily News, no one knows exactly how the huge yellow duck made its way into the waters of Belfast Harbor or who owns it, but no one seems to mind, and most hope that it remains.

Belfast Harbor Master Katherine Given told the BDN, "Everybody loves it. A lot of people want to keep it here.”

When reached, the sponsoring team of anonymous benequackers behind JOY, provided the following eggs-planation:

“JOY simply is fowl play. In this day in age of such bitter divisiveness in our country, we wanted to put forth a reminder of our commonalities instead of our differences. Nothing embodies childhood more than being in a warm bath with your rubber ducky – the joy of not having a care in the world other than having to remember to wash behind our ears!”

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There's talk that the now second most famous duck in Maine, second only to the Bangor Police Department's Duck Of Justice, was seen recently floating around the island of Islesboro, where big-time actors like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta once summered and a jovial atmosphere prevails, most of the time.

As of this writing on Tuesday morning, photos are still being taken from boats and from the shoreline of Belfast and then spread gleefully across social media, a far contrast from what was being spread yesterday while overcrowded U.S. military aircraft departed Kabul and the President defended himself to the nation.

The giant rubber ducky floating in Belfast Harbor today was a gift from someone, and we thank them for it.

Kathy Given/Belfast Harbormaster
Kathy Given/Belfast Harbormaster

The Benequackers did add however: “We are well aware that September starts duck hunting season in Maine – so she will certainly have flown away long before then!”


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