We all have those moments when we lose our cool. Some handle it better than others. Many of us take to spouting off at the mouth when we're frustrated, but there are some instances where that's just not the most appropriate thing to do, like if there are kids around...or you're in church!

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For example, when my daughter was 6 she decided to express her creativity...with a screw...on the side of my van.

At that moment, there were definitely some choice words I wanted to say. But what I ended up saying instead was much more PG.

The side of my van, after my 6-yr-old "drew on it" with a screw. Cori Skall
The side of my van, after my 6-yr-old "drew on it" with a screw. Cori Skall
The side of my van, after my 6-yr-old "drew on it" with a screw. Cori Skall
The side of my van, after my 6-yr-old "drew on it" with a screw. Cori Skall


Now the weather is getting warmer, and more folks have their windows open, I am reminded of just how easily sound travels from inside the house, to outside.

And when you're fed up and in the moment, it's always good to have safe options of things you can holler, if need be.


This brings us to "The List"...

A few years back, we took to social media and asked you what your favorite "alternatives" were to swearing. Then we compiled this list from your suggestions.

Feel free to adopt any and all phrases and put together your own "workplace, playground, or church gathering list of not-too-colorful things to say in place of swearing.

File in format eps. Vector editable.
Fernando Dias Silva

Jon E Eales Country Kitchen 

Sue Simard-Poliquin Cheese and Rice .... got it?

Diane Perdue Hartford Jesum crow

Bob Hatch Rotten C...ommunist!

Felicia Saucier Son of a biscuit eater
Roxane Esposito What the fudge
Sandra Lyn BOB SAGET!!! LOL, Suck my big left toe!!!
Melissa Avery Burns FARTKNOCKERS... for the lovely f word....SON OF A BEE- SNAPPER.**no idea why just came out one day and haven't stopped using it. 
I never swore till I was 21 and waitressed in a high-stress restaurant... it was the goal of the kitchen crew to make me swear by the end of summer and they succeeded one hot stressful day in August... Been channeling my inner truck driver ever since.....
Rob Irwin One of mine is.... Son of a silly sapsucker, for son of a b - itch.... For the f -bomb.... A classic, Oh fudge..... For other words... What a nut ( as in peanut or walnut ) lover.
Sarah Brown Fudgical sticks!!!
Swear jar with coins in on a white background
Hank Gielarowski My 3 yr old says Coconuts rather than curse. He stubs his toe, Coconuts! Pretty funny.
Jeff Graves Son of a Biscuit
Jennifer Roy Jiminy Cricket
Aisling Doucette Mother Trucker lol
Mary Klein Drouin Friggin, Sugar honey ice tea
Tim Bouchard I don't sugarcoat anything. Taught the kids the correct words and usage.
Tempal Marie Mailey My step-father uses “ You dog with fat ears.” He uses it for basically all “foul” language. We have laughed at it for over 30 yrs
Margaret Siemerling Shut the front door! Mother trucker! Jeezum crovers! Son of a biscuit! Son of a nutcracker!Cotton-headed ninny muffett!.....Then sometimes I just go raw pirate. Not proud;) Tim Hawkins has a funny skit on just this topic on the Youtubes.
April Robshaw Frickin!, Jesus take the wheel!, sunovabiscuit!, oh boy, oh goodness, what the H eeee double hockey sticks! P.I.A. FKN,
"Like that was such a P.I.A. I've had nuff for one F.K.N. day" My friends make fun of me when I start spelling... they know I'm flustered but won't swear infront of kids
Melanie Makin "Blast." It's utterly inoffensive with the added bonus of making me feel like a character in "Little Women."
Linda Boisvert Provost Oh FUDGEEE
Judy Andrews Michaud Bill Murray's line in Ghostbusters...Mother pus bucket
Jason Jake Tarr Mother trucking slug in a ditch
Sarah Diecidue Mother fletcher
Brittany Auclair cheese and rice is big in our house 
Kelly Gardner The Good Place has a wonderful alternative vocabulary. Mother forking shirt balls is a personal favorite!
Corinne Regan-Bridges I always say "Mother Hubbard" instead of, well you know!! 😉
Jenn Moore Sugar Muffins. Son of a beef stick.
One of our favorites:
Jennifer Small My father would get angry and say “Suffering Gods of War”. It’s kind of something we say now just because we always thought it was funny.
If you have any others, feel free to add them to this list.
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