Sadly, the excitement was short-lived.

What is the deal with Walmart in Auburn? It's not exactly in our neck of the woods, but it is fascinating because there seems to be some sort of accident curse going on there.

The other day, a poster on Reddit, took some video of a crew dismantling the horrific yellow pole that has caused so much grief. Unfortunately, it was all in vain, because another one went up in its place.

As you can imagine, the comments on the Reddit thread were pretty funny:

Not sure why, but I watched the whole damn thing. That guy is so in tune with the controls that you can sense his frustration through the movements of the machine. You almost forget there is someone operating it and it just seems like some frustrated mechanical animal trying to figure something out.
But goddamn that was oddly satisfying when he finally yanked it out.
10/10 would watch again.

I got the sense that this was personal. I feel like he's got a banged up panel on his truck from that post

So is this guy the king, or is the excavator, it how does this work?

This has "baby tooth that just came a little loose" vibes.

They could have just sacrificed another Hyundai and had it out in half the time. ;)

Lol oh thank Christ

Don't get too excited, they replaced it with another post right after. I'm not even sure what the point of this extraction was.

Some genius hit it with their car and compromised the structural integrity so it needed to be replaced.

Probably more than one, this walmart parking lot is straight legendary for dumb accidents.

Maybe it was cheaper than new paint

This is exactly the kind of thing that big box stores do. When the building needs repairs, it's quicker, easier, and cheaper for them to build a new one, and scrap the old.

There have been a ridiculously huge amount of accidents that have occurred there, and all because of those pesky yellow poles. Yes, you did read that correctly. Now, I will admit, that years ago, when I was broadcasting at the Bangor Walmart, I struck a yellow pole with the station vehicle. I personally feel the pain of the whole city.

There have been so many incidents with the yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart, that there is a Facebook page devoted to it, with the caption "I am the Auburn Walmart Yellow Pole. Fear me."

Is there a lesson to learn here? Absolutely. Slow down, be aware of your surroundings, and be safe!

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