Do you know the most dangerous intersections in Bangor? Well, the DOT is keeping track and trying to come up with solutions to keep us safe. In the meantime here are places it would serve you well to put down the phone and pay attention.

As reported by WCSH 6 coming in at numero uno with 43 crashes between 2012 and 2014…drumroll please

  1. The intersection on Stillwater Ave. where traffic from the Parkade shopping plaza and I-95 on and off ramps meet
  2. The second highest crash location was at the intersection of Griffin Road. and Ohio Street which had 40 accidents.
  3. Third is tie between three traffic challenged areas being the intersections of Broadway and State Street, he intersection where 395 E and W bound spur meet the Odlin Road and Outer Hammond Street and the intersection of the off and on ramps for I95 to Hogan Road. Each ringing in with 36 crashes

According to Bangor's city engineer, John Theriault, they will call the town or sometimes the town will call them and then a solution is looked into. Theriault added, residents call him as well with their opinions on which areas are the worst for crashes. So give him a call and stay alert.

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