There's nothing like finding a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and eating some great, home-cooked food in the quaint atmosphere of whatever hangs on its walls.

This state is full of these charming little spots, so we asked which were the favorites of folks who live in Eastern Maine. The list was long, so we widdled it down to the Top 15, with one honorable mention.

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They vary in location from Millinocket to Baileyville, to Dexter and Unity--and points in between. Some of them have the benefit of a super-fancy professional chef, and some the benefit of being either closed for part of the year or the week, taking strictly cash, or being just quirky enough to make the experience of just being there a fun one.

Here are the hole-in-the-walls that people love most in this area, in no particular order. Take a look and see if your favorite made the list.

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