I really, really, REALLY want to believe Bigfoot is real.

No joke. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved hearing anything about Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch, or however you care to refer to the mythical cryptid primate that could quite possibly be living in remote locations in the U.S. Although, to be fair, I'm what you'd call a wildly enthusiastic skeptic. I believe, but I just really want the proof to back it up.

It's like believing in ghosts. Show me the real stuff. I don't care about weird reflections, or orbs, or wisps of smoke in the air. Show me the frikkin' undeniable footage. UFOs.... same deal. Keep the videos of a single light moving in an "odd" direction. I'd believe in a secret government aircraft before a UFO, personally. While all these things are plausible, we still lack the smoking gun, so to speak.

Sasquatch footage can be just as bad. But not always...

On TV and the internet, I feel like I've seen some of the worst footage there is. Whether it's a log or a dude in an ape suit, the fakeness is usually apparent. This video I came across on the Unexplained Maine Facebook page had a fairly compelling video that was recently posted from YouTube, filmed last May.

By the way, the language in the video gets a bit rough, so be prepared for two guys chatting and swearing a bit. But as these two gentlemen cruise the woods near Sysladobsis Lake in the Passamaquoddy Land Trust, a possible Bigfoot can be seen running just inside the tree line at the :56 mark.

I'm not versed in video editing enough to pass judgment.

I wasn't there, so I certainly can't make a real judgment either way about what's in the video. But here's how I see it... First off, when you do see the alleged Squatch, it's inside the trees, but it looks fairly clear. You can make out arms, legs, head... the whole nine yards. And it's moving at a pretty good clip.

But... here's what bugs me. The camera is facing forward almost the whole time as they're riding in the side-by-side. Literally, as they come around this bend, the camera angle shifts at nearly the exact moment the Squatch appears in the woods. The timing is just a little too perfect in my opinion.

That's not to say anyone is lying or making it up...

It's just a bit suspect in my personal opinion. There was no looking to the other side, or even occasionally to the driver. Just one turn toward the driver at the perfect moment. Could be digitally placed, could be a buddy in the woods. Or, it could be a Sasquatch.

Here's the thing. It's either fake, or it's real. Only the people in that side-by-side can say for sure. Again, I want to believe. Real bad. I really do. And this video is as clear as any I've ever seen. But is it the real thing? Judge for yourself... BUT ... Be careful, there's some NSFW language at the outset.

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