One of the most popular takeout food items in America is pizza. It serves as a time saver and delicious alternative to preparing a home-cooked meal. Not only that, it's readily available, with tons of places across Maine to grab one and go. Pizza is almost exclusively served by restaurants in cardboard boxes. With Maine being a state that believes in recycling, a fair question has to be asked: can you recycle your pizza boxes in Maine?

Pizza with shrimps, camembert cheese and cherry tomatoes, served in a pizza box
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Yes, You Can Recycle Your Pizza Box in Maine...With Conditions

Almost all pizza boxes can be placed in a recycling bin in Maine, with a few exceptions. Despite advances in the recycling process, pizza boxes that contain a lot of grease or grease stains cannot be recycled. If a heavy grease stain exists on your pizza box in one concentrated area, your local recycling company would likely ask you to simply cut out that grease spot and recycle the rest of the box. If your pizza box is wax or foil coated, it cannot be recycled under any circumstances.


Are There Any Other Requirements to Recycle Pizza Boxes?

It should go without saying, but another key element to recycling your pizza box is to make sure there's no leftover pizza or pizza crust inside your box. Many recycling plants have noted that this is one of the most common errors people make when attempting to recycle their old pizza boxes.

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If My Pizza Box Doesn't Have the Recycle Symbol, Can I Still Recycle It?

As long as it meets the requirements listed above, the answer is almost universally 'yes'. Major pizza chains like Domino's and Pizza Hut have made all of their boxes recyclable. Most local pizzerias have done the same, whether they feature the recycling symbol or not.


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