With Maine currently sitting towards the top of the list in the nation for the number of Covid-19 cases, and Maine's own CDC changing the risk designation for the virus in Penobscot County to Code-Red Friday many groups and organizations have started to re-evaluate their current masking policies.

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Many places, including Bangor City facilities and schools, had relaxed their masking policies in March, dropping the requirements and making wearing a mask inside, an optional thing.

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Some adjusted those policies again this week, reverting back to mandatory universal masking. The City of Bangor and all Bangor Schools made the change Monday.

Other facilities such as the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor and The Gracie Theater have also gone back to masking.

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The Cross Insurance Center made the decision late last week, according to its Facebook Page, so if you're heading to this weekend's Monster Truck Nitro Tour, you'll want to go prepared.

"Due to high levels of Covid-19 transmissions in Penobscot County, ALL visitors must wear a face covering while inside the Cross Insurance Center for all upcoming Arena or Convention Center Events."

Cross Center management says that means anyone over the age of 1 needs to be masked, but you do not need to provide proof of vaccination n entry if they feel it is necessary.

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Similarly, the Gracie Theater at Husson University has also tightened its masking policy to reflect the recent risk of transmission, in alignment with the University. So if you were planning to attend the Robinson Ballet's performance of "Wild Things" this weekend, be warned.

"As of Friday, May 6, 2022, Husson University instituted a policy that masks must be worn by everyone in all indoor settings. We must abide by the policies set forth by Husson University. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping all audience members safe as COVID numbers continue to rise in our community."

While they have not yet made a formally changed back to the universal masking, places like the Collins Center and The Penobscot Theater are encouraging folks to mask up, but not requiring it...yet. But there was an indication that with the uptick in cases, there could be a temporary requirement reinstated in the not-too-distant future.

Last week, Acadia National Park announced on its Facebook Page that masks will now have to be worn in all Park buildings.

"Based on CDC guidance and COVID-19 Community Levels, masks currently are required for everyone regardless of vaccination status in all buildings in Acadia National Park. Masking requirements vary by park based on local conditions."

Now, it should be noted that while many of these places are masking right now, they have also said that should the risk level be lowered, they may, once again, lessen the restrictions.


So a good rule of thumb for the next few weeks; call ahead and check what the most updated policy is regarding masking, and pack for the possibility that you'll need to cover up for a while.

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