After blowing it last year, EA Sports nailed their Super Bowl's actually kinda scary.

Ever since 2004 EA Sports has run a Super Bowl simulation using the latest version of their Madden video game. Their predictions have yielded a correct winner nine out of twelve times. Last year they blew it by saying the Broncos would win; they didn' a long shot. This year they where on point!

Last week's predictions that were correct:

  • Seahawks would go on a second-half run leaving New England 24-14 down in the 3rd quarter.
  • New England would score the first touchdown
  • Tom Brady would be MVP
  • Tom Brady to deliver a game-winning pass to Julian Edelman + type of play
  • Tom Brady would throw four touchdown passes
  • Patriots would win 28-24 WOW!


They were only three yards and one catch away from perfectly calling Julian Edelman’s entire game! They where also only 27 yards off Brady’s total passing yardage too! 355 vs. 328!


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