An outdated inspection sticker led to the arrest of three people on Ohio Street in Bangor Tuesday evening, according to the Bangor PD.

Bangor Police Officer Taylor Reynolds noticed the expired sticker and pulled the car over at just about 4 PM.

Bangor Police Department Public Information Officer, Jason McAmbley, said Officer Reynolds had a K-9 Unit named Raye working with him that day. Raye indicated that there were drugs in the vehicle.

"Further investigation produced a substantial amount of illegal drugs and cash from the car and the driver, Quintin Porter, 33, of New Haven, Connecticut was subsequently arrested, charged with Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs, a Class A felony."

McAmbley says there were two people in the car with Porter at the time of the traffic stop. 37-year-old Jennifer Saltzman of Bangor and 29-year-old Joseph Landry-Nelson from Kenduskeag were also both arrested.

Porter, Saltzman, Landry-Nelson, Bangor Police Department
Porter, Saltzman, Landry-Nelson, Bangor Police Department

"Saltzman was arrested on outstanding warrants for failure to appear on drug trafficking charges. Landry-Nelson was charged with Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drugs, a Class D offense."

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